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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  March 21, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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storm down 234 around this area. this has hail in it. we will zoom into this. and we will pin poit the hail in your neighborhood -- pinpoint the hail in your neighborhood. they have waxed and now they are pretty intense again. this is sly fox lane. and that's got hail in it. no doubt. and this also has hail mariposa drive just to the east now of canoga and this is dumfries road. so on the east side of dumfries road, we are looking at hail in this area. so he that's one of the big threats with the storms. hail, frequent lightning and very heavy rain. rainfall rates are 1 to 2 inches per hour denoted in red. we are looking at the possibility of flash flooding as well especially just south of 66. the hardest hit areas are around 28 to the north of noxville and if kids are
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outside playing get them inside. there's the hail and some pretty big storms down towards gold bane. we keep you posted. everything is on the web. but culpepper fairfax princewilliam and stafford. now back to you. >> thanks. also tonight in your only local news at sen, unspeakable violence. prosecutors go into gruesome details describing the bethesda yoga store murder. not from us, parents of a child accused of bringing to cocaine, they have no clue where the drugs came from. and what really happened? police witnesses are starting to change their stories of what went on in a deadly shooting. >> >> reporter: in southeast where a 18-year-old gary gordon should have been looking forward to graduating in june. he is dead. a 15-year-old girl in custody charged with the slaying. and in juvenile court, a police officer testified that
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the 15-year-old suspect changed her story three separate times. the first account was was that gary was shot inside an apartment in the 2600 block of stanton road. the fatal bullet she said came from outside through the window. that turned out to be a lie. part of a cover-up. what happened say police is the 15-year-old eventually confessed she shot him while up to four people were in the apartment bedroom. the 15-year-old said she picked up a gun a semiautomatic, removed the clip and thought it was empty anded it and fied -- pointed it and fired one time she had been horsing around. i am scott broom in northwest washington where there was an appearance in court today for the parents of a 10-year-old accused of bringing cocaine to school. at family court hearing today, prosecutors said it was a large quantity of crack cocaine that was brought to the strong john thompson elementary school by a
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10-year-old. all the worst why would a 4th grader have that kind of stuff with him? >> reporter: in court, prosecutors said the boy found the cocaine in the back seat of his stepfather's car on the way to school reportedly hidden in a sock. five children were taken to the hospital after the incident thursday. but today, the boy he's family said they don't know where the drugs came from. a police search of the step father's home and car in capital heights maryland turned up nothing. the family is battling to get the boy and two siblings brought back home after they were put in emergency foster care after the incident. at district court in rockville a judge has denied bail for the alleged yoga store murderer after looking at gruesome crime scene photographs and listening to horrendous details of what brittany norwood allegedly did to jayna murray. >> she wanted people to feel comfortable and happy. >> reporter: one of the -- >> one the most fear lull piece
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i've known. >> reporter: but you can only imagine the fear she must have felt as she was beaten to death on a friday night inside a yoga store in the heart of bethesda. the prosecutor told the judge murray had discovered some clothing from the store inside brittany norwood's bag. investigators say norwood beat murray in the head so many times, it is impossible to count. crushing her skull, and tying something around her neck that severed her spinal cord. >> the murder a tremendous impact on people that routinely visited the place. we went to see if the business is back to normal. >> about a this is das -- be that is da was a good -- >> reporter: it scared people away from the bethesda. >> clients that it's that live here, yes, it made them very nervous. >> reporter: now we know police
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believe jayna murray's murderer is a coworker. no sexual attack and no robbery and no masked murderer. it was brittany norwood and now she is arrested. >> i think everyone is relieved. >> reporter: the general manager of the italian restaurant a few doors down says they lost business because of a lie. >> business dropped dramatically about 30%. >> reporter: she says the day after norwood was arrested, business was back. >> it is better to know that we don't have individual in this area trying to -- preying on customers and business owners. >> reporter: many businesses placed white ribbons to honor murray. some left notes for murray and businesses may be getting back to normal. but no one likely to forget what happened. >> i think it's kind of scarred the community. and i think it makes people realize that anything can and will happen whether it's bethesda or not.
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>> reporter: in about a this is darks lindsey mastis. >> many of you remember the starbucks murders in dc. will after that is correct the store reopened and starbucks donated the proceeds to nonviolence programs. people told us they hope the lululemon will reopen. that store has been closed until further notice. we have an update on a shooting of a man shot in the stomach that died. police say it happened around 4 this afternoon in the 3400 block of north high street. they say the man was walking home from work and was behind the mcdonald's on georgia avenue when he was shot. people nearby heard the shooting and called police but no one saw what happened. police are look for an older model beige camry that was seen leaving the area headed towards georgia avenue. u.s. and coalition jets fired at least another dozen cruise missiles at targets inside libya today. it is an effort to widen the no- fly zone over the country. today's assault comes after a
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punishing weekend of air strikes. allies took out planes and tanks and fired a pis missile at cay -- missile at qaddafi'scompound. it's to establish the no-fly zone. right now, the americans are leading the operation but the united states is eager to hand over control to other nations. >> we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and not a matter of weeks. >> so far, nato is not playing a role in the attacks since russian deputies are calling for an end to the air strikes. prime minister putin likened the resolution allowing military action to medieval calls for crusades. he said that though qaddafi government fell short of democracy that's not justified military intervention. now to a commuter alert. constitution avenue along the mall about to get's makeover and that may reek havoc on traffic. the prep work starts this week
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along constitution between 15 and 23rd streets in the major work gets going next month. expect temporary lane closings and elimination of parking places and the project could go on for year. and speaking of the evening rush, monika samtani is here. >> reporter: we have a couple incidents but i think things are look better. first, i just heard about westbound route 50 at severn river bridge and a med cake helicopter has been called to the -- medivac helicopter has been called to the scene. this one happened at around 7:hundred a multivehicle fatal accident. fare cabs county -- fairfax county says it may be nine before it reopens. let's go westbound 66, i would end with good news, it looks great in centreville and looking at the beltway on the west side of town a. pretty good indication of what it looks like around the capital beltway. now back to you.
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>> thanks. a virginia teen is in trouble over a facebook page. what the cops say she posted that led to her being charged with a crime. that is still to dom. but first, engineers in japan still are trying to cool down the nuclear reactors at the damaged power plant. when that may be finished. coming up next.
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from new figures out of japan
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shots earthquake and tsunami killed -- shows earthquake and tsunami killed more than 8800 people. engineers are trying to get the cooling systems restored to the nuclear power plant. smoke from two reactors forced another evacuation today and put the stop on repair work. official say getting the cooling system up and going to take weeks. but, the top u.s. nuclear regulator says the situation at plant actually appears to be stabilizing. >> today, all three units appeared to be in a stable condition. with sea walter injection is used to keep the reapartmentors cool -- reactors cool. >> for those who live near the complex unsafe levels of radiation has been found in food and trace amounts of radiation is found in tokyo's drinking water. the government officials claim the levels are too low to pose a risk. that five cent dc bag tax could be coming to a store near you even if you don't live near
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dc. this is thanks to arlington county. according to the washington examiner, virginia congressman plans to introduce a nationwide version of the plan on earth day. last november, the county tried to intro -- institute identities 5 cent tax on paper and plastic bags but it failed in the general assembly. now arlington officials turned to him and capitol hill. so, is nationwide bag tax a good idea? as advertised in dc, it has raised millions and given new meaning to the question, you need a bag with that? on the other hand, it's pretty dang annoying to a lot of folks who may think there's too many taxes on too many things already. add up your thoughts and e-mail me at mail bag at or join the conversation on the wusa9 facebook page. the rain is finally on the way out. so, what is in store for the rest of our week in topper will reveal all in the forecast coming up. but first, a shootout over a
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burrito order? what police say got this guy so very upset. that's up next.
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you know if you build a burrito with flaming hot free theos you know could be are -- fritos you could be asking for trouble. ricardo jones went to the drive through and order 7. the price had gone up from 99 cents to a buck 49 a piece. doesn't sound like a lot but it
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made him unhappy e pulled out a pb gun and fired at the taco bell manager and pulled out a handgun and an assault rifle and it got more serious and took off. police chased him down. >> as soon as they initiateded the traffic stop, he jumped out with the assault rifle and gunshots were exchanged between the suspect and the officers. >> no one was hit but ricardo barricaded himself in motel room, a s.w.a.t. team came out and surrounded the place for three hours. they gave him a room full of tear gas and led him off to jail where they have no frito's in their burritos. a girl is charged with harassment by computer after allegedly posting a facebook page called stonewall hoes. we kid you not. it showed pictures of high schoolgirls with lewd captions. >> they posted her on the facebook page saying she was a hoe. >> reporter: stonewall jackson student monica says she has a friend whose picture was post
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on the so-called stonewall hoes facebook paining. -- page. >> i don't think it's right i mean, i wouldn't like that -- right. i mean i. wouldn't like that to happen to me or anyone else. it hurts your feelings and doesn't make you feel good and gives a bad reputation. >> reporter: a16-year-old female student created the page and is charged with a crime. the facebook page has been taken down. but police confirm it had pictures of at least 9 stonewall underage girls on it along with lewd captions. the lewd part is what makes it a virginia crime. harassment by computer. the law defines the crime as someone with intent to coerce, intimidate or harass any person by using a computer or network to communicate, obscene vulgar profane lewd lacivicous or i decent language -- lascivious or indecent language. if the page didn't containt lewd comments, it may not have been -- may not have been a
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crime but would have been considered cyber bullying. >> the students are bullied or at school or cyber bullied they know it's against the code of behavior in prince william county schools. and students have hand in writing the code. >> reporter: school officials are prevented from speaking about individual cases but they say when cyber bullying reaches the level of a crime, it is certainly punishable by expulsion. peggy fox, 9news now. >> now, students at stonewall jackson told 9news the girl had already been suspended. top, something so strange that you rarely see. thunderstorms in the morning and again at night. >> yeah. well, especially in the month of march. it's unusual. but, we had hail this morning and we showed you pictures earlier from rockville. he want to get to it. some of the warnings have been dropped. in fact now we are down to just fairfax county under the severe thunderstorm warning and prince william county. and stafford county all until 7:45. and this is the reason.
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i sent a tweet out about 3:00 that the storms were headed between dc and fredericksburg. and that's about where they are. so, follow me on twitter and you can get ahead of the game. we will zoom in. they have hail and very frequent lightning and also some big time rain. flash flooding is possible. you know -- if you know someone driving from lorton and woodbridge towards frederick burg. it's going to be slow going -- fred ribs burg. -- fredericksburg. it's going to be slow going. if you know someone on the way to woodbridge or traveling down 95, this is the storms just across 95. these storms have moved a little bit farther east toward mull berry. and those are hefty storms as well. i want to zoom further to the -- or move further to the east, laplatea, got a big storm now just to your south and to the east. this has hail in it. there's just no doubt that this has some hail in it. this is charles street right
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here. we will go into the neighborhood which is not far from laplatea and this is princess diana court. hail five minutes ago. the storm is pushing to the south and east. at about 20 miles an hour and it's just to the south and east of laplatea at this hour. let's widen back out. and severe thunderstorm storm warnings for fairfax, prince william and stafford until 7:45. that's the deal right now. once the storms pass, it will move -- we will be okay for the rest of the night. by eight, they will be out of the viewing area. but you folks in southern maryland, don't have warnings yet in charles county or calvert or also calvert county st. mary's county. if you hear thunder, take cover. the storms also have a lot of lightning. if you have a slight ening strike that's did-- there's a lightning strike crossing over i-95. hail, flash flood and lightning are the problems with the
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storms. they will be out of here by 8 or so. so skies will remain cloudy but things will quiet down. next seven days, showers possible tomorrow. 60, and showers possible on wednesday and thursday. those temps go down. 55 on wednesday. and 52 on thursday. and a break on friday. and then derek got the best of the news for saturday and sunday. rain for the marathon and temperatures during the marathon rain. rain saturday and sunday with highs in the mid-40s. we got spoiled with the 79 on friday and we are back to march weather. >> indeed. thanks top. we will be back in a minute. we want to hear what you thi. send e-mails to mcgint yea mail back mail bag at wusa -- mcginty's mail back at mailbag at
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well in the mail bag tons of reaction on the wusa9 facebook page to the car seats fied lines out of the american academy of pediatrics. no time to go through them all again but it means more time in the car seat for older kids. jenny writes, in a booster seat until 12? i don't think so. my 12-year-old is 5 foot 7 and 130 pounds. and at these recommendation, a good number of adults should be in booster seats as well. yeah. they need to leave it up to the
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parents. jenny, it is up to the parents and pediatricians can't make you do anything but jamie says you should do it anyway. my children's pediatrician says it is best to have them uncomfortable and safer than comfortable and in danger. my daughter is tall and we got her car seats that are refacing a and recline. there is another alternative. instead of upping the ages until parents to buy and take around the paraphernalia. make cars and safety belts safer and we travel more. okay. and then we get the ultimate solution from joe who says, i dressed my baby in bubble wrap and a helmet at all times. on the other extreme joe i remember when my brother and i used to ride up in the space above the back seat right underneath the rear window. and if we happened to be in the front seat, our seat belt was mom's sticking her arm out to brace us in case she stopped too quickly. so, even if you don't jump on
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the new regulations, you stillare a heck of a long way from the old days. your thoughts and e-pails are always right nearby and welcome mail bag at or join the conversation on the wusa9 facebook page. that's our report. i will be back here tonight with the anita at 11. and tonight we are work on the prowl. the creditor rolled into dc. people are fascinated and scared. don't forget log on any time to we will see you a bit later. bye bye. [ alarm blares ] [ female announcer ] important events can sneak up on you. oh, i am not ready. [ female announcer ] but in two weeks, you could feel ready. introducing yoplait light's two week tune up diet plan. you could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks when you replace breakfast and lunch with a fruit, grain, and yoplait light. betsy bets. you haven't changed a bit. oh...neither have you... sean. well, yeah. [ female announcer ] go to
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to start your two week tune up. this week yoplait light yogurt is only 20 for $10 at giant.
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now "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. brad and angelina, out with all of their kids. >> the jolie-pitt family outing in new orleans. the twins, shiloh, all six grocery shopping with mom and dad. then, charlie's children. the boys out with brooke. his girls with denise and new did tails on charlie's live show. royal wedding secrets. straight from our new correspondent. jane seymour. her connection to the crown. her memories of diana. >> do you think that diana would have approved of william's choice in his mate?


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